Warning about model ‘Jewelles’

Just a quick message to save any of you from falling into the trap I did. I bought a custom video from her a while back for 2500 tokens, after telling me the video I wanted would be 'easy to do' , she told me I'd have it in the following 3-4 days.

Long story short, it's nearly 5 months later and she hasn't done anything. The brilliant excuses included

: I'm on my period

: I'm moving house

: My laptop is broken

: I need to book a hotel room to do custom videos

: I haven't been paid by MFC on time

: My webcam is broken

: I've got other videos to make

When asked about what the issue is, she gets very angry, the worst part however was a week or so ago when asking about it, she asked me what the video was supposed to be again. So right from the start, she's showed that she never had any intention of ever making it after being tipped and getting the money.

Just be very careful if you are visiting this model, I've been on the site for 10+ years, and this is the first time I've been badly scammed, it's a lot of money to lose, and it damages the reputation of the site, and other genuine models. I really don't want it to happen to anyone else.

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